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It’s not fair! Sophia Webster, you know our weakness so well, no other designer can play with our thoughts like that. Her name is synonymous to luxury when it comes to women’s footwear, and I’m about to give you a sneak peek into the newest Sophia Webster Barbie shoe collection. Be prepared, it’ll blow your mind (and probably the bank account too). Whether you consider yourself a Barbie doll or are just a fan, these shoes will catch your attention, as that’s what they were inspired by – the almighty Barbie! Even if you don’t like overly pink shoes, you hardly ever pass by. You have to look once.

Sophia Webster Creates A Shoe Line For Barbie

Webster says that “creating a shoe collection for Barbie has always been her dream project.” I can probably speak for thousands of girls that had a dream to wear a Barbie shoe. I also had a time like that, but childhood used to be our Vegas, all of our bizarre dreams always stayed there. Until now. Would you ever imagine that our dreams would come together in such harmony?

The Sophia Webster Barbie collection consists of 9 styles. Six of them are meant to be worn by adults. The styles for grown-up Barbies include trainers, flat sandals, and high heels. Another 3 styles are meant for the real professionals in this business – kids. Now they can really critique Webster’s creativity.

The collection will be available on Webster’s official website starting with August 27 (only a week left!). But the Barbie trend doesn’t stop there. Webster is getting ready to launch her exclusive, limited-addition doll that would be showing off a pair for Riko trainers (be careful, there’s some glitter involved!). Once the shoe collection makes the right noise and the buzz becomes viral, the doll would be ready to make the epic entrance in a specially designed box. Make sure your kid doesn’t see it, otherwise you’ll have a hard time saying “no.” She does know how to sell a fashion eye candy, doesn’t she?

Thankfully, Webster probably knows how “fictional” some of the shoes from her collection look (not that you can’t wear high heels with butterfly wings). She points out: “I love that this concept strikes a balance between dreams and reality.” I’m not sure I agree with this. The Liudmila fairytale shoes could be addressed as the Footwear Crossroad of dreams and reality, but when it comes to Barbie, you should just say “the entertainment industry and the reality.”

Webster explained her inspiration more by telling us how she wanted to set the Barbie loose in East London and follow her with her concept. While the Barbie shoes find their place in the fashion demands list, I’d love to see the reaction of tomboy girls, who played with cars and sticks, and considered the popular Barbie particularly intriguing. Would they ever consider wearing any of these pairs? We’ll never know if you don’t give us your feedback. Let us know how much you liked Webster’s Barbie collection.

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Does anyone have a guilty confession to make? If no, then I can go first. I’ve been hiding my inner princess for years now. The reason that little whiney fashion design worshipper came out of its castle is hidden somewhere in the brand philosophy of the following shoes you can find only in two places: the fairytales and the Liudmila collection. I’m sure the librarian near you would be excessively excited if you show up looking for a massive publication of fairytales, where the princess matriarchy and the weirdly ever-singing prince cover the topic thoroughly. I’m here to tell you about the fairytale turned into a reality.

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Shoes! That’s where the real magic is these days! A perfectly-made shoe beats even the fairy godmother; it’s made in Italian factories by the hands of true Italian masters, sketched with an inspiration and care, and, most importantly, they won’t turn into slippers at midnight, when all normal clubs are just opening.

Liudmila shoes, already known as the Princess Shoes (as if it was not obvious from the photos), are the next fresh discovery on the luxury fashion radar. Designed by the former literature specialist at Wesleyan University, Connecticut Najeeba Hayat, Liudmila shoes are eccentric, yet wearable pieces flavored with the Victorian culture and, perhaps, a “slight” influence from the main fairytale factory in the world, Disney. They look so adorable but modern that you can easily match them with an elegant Dior blazer and forget about looking like a Halloween trend. No, it’s not the kind of average fashion we’re talking about. The Liudmila brand, inspired by one of the unique characters of the Russian literature, Liudmila Rutilova (from “The Petty Demon” by Fyodor Sologub), is a real luxury. And it’s not the price or the name of the manufacturer that matters. The real uniqueness of Liudmila is in the effort, inspiration, and imagination that lies behind every model. Sketched with a real vision, long-preserved mission, and a desire to help those pairs find their shelves in our clothing rooms; that’s what shapes the reason why you should support and buy these shoes.

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

That’s worth appreciation and encouragement. In contrast with the pop culture and consumer-oriented shopping habits of our time, these shoes speak to the inner style of the woman, and not the ad on a billboard. It’s a brand with a specific customer, and you’re either that admirer or a stranger. Some would call Hayat’s approach to these products “art” and I think they wouldn’t be wrong. Every artistic industry, especially fashion, needs a collection that has been made by the strength of thought and developed so much it became perfect. We all love a purchase with a backstory to it, and if the story has a happy end, you have a chance I’ll go back for a second purchase, no matter how many ribbons are on that high heel.

There is a princess inside us that we all, the forward-driven and ambitious women hate. But that stubborn pom-pom loving girlish fashionista seems to always sneak out when there is a delicate collection of shoes in front of you. So, if you, too, have been diagnosed with periodical princess-rush, go get your new pair of Liudmila shoes or at least try them on to know what Italian comfort feels like.

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

Liudmila Collection Shoes 2015

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Salma Hayek Picks Another Pair of Gucci Sandals

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Salma Hayek is still hot on the press trail for her latest project, the animated feature film The Prophet, which she both produced and provided voiceover talent for. Here she is heading into an appearance on Good Morning America in a pair of maple brown Gucci Ankle Strap Leather Sandals. You can currently find Salma’s exact sandals for $660 at Gucci.

These sandals are a more subtle version of the black Gucci Rooney Suede Sandals we saw Salma wearing on the red carpet last week. Both styles have the same thick, adjustable ankle strap, and each features its own variation on Gucci’s signature horsebit detail. These sandals cost almost $200 less than the Gucci Rooneys, however.

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Joan Smalls Attends “Paper Towns” Premiere in Givenchy Sandals

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Supermodels on both coasts are anxious to show their support for Cara Delevingne and her new flick, Paper Towns. Here’s Joan Smalls, strutting the red carpet at the NYC premiere of Paper Towns in a pair of black Givenchy Matilda Sandals. You can currently find Joan’s exact lizard skin-embossed sandals for $1,350 at FWRD.

Supermodel Karlie Kloss was also in attendance, and the event itself was practically sponsored by Saint Laurent. Paper Towns is receiving an insane amount of press from the fashion industry, solely because of Cara’s involvement. We just saw Cara herself earlier this week wearing a gorgeous pair of strappy black Sophia Webster sandals to a promotional concert for Paper Towns in LA.

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In Need of a Nude Pump? Try One of Christian Louboutin’s New Nudes

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Louboutin New Nudes Feature Image

If you’re looking for a pump to elongate your legs, look no further than Christian Louboutin‘s Nudes Collection. Die-hard Loubi fans know that this isn’t the first Nudes Collection we’ve seen from the brand; the first debuted back in 2013, and this year, the designer has added more shades and styles to the Nudes Collection to suit the needs of all kinds of women.

Earlier this week, we showed you the newest style to be added the collection, the squiggly New Wave heel, and along with it, we’ll see a total of five nude shades from the brand. In this collection, you’ll see Louboutin classics like Sthe o Kate and Iriza styles in various shades, along with the peep-toe Ada and Safki styles. Come August, we will see even more nude shoes added to the collection, and according to Refinery29, “the Dorissima — a pump with a rounded toe” will alsp be inducted into Louboutin’s Nude family.

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Lea Michele Visits Comic-Con in Louboutin Sandals

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Here’s Lea Michele, doing the Scream Queens press line with her costar Emma Roberts at San Diego Comic-Con in a white, two piece outfit from designer Jonathan Simkhai and a pair of brightly colored two-tone suede Christian Louboutin Mayerling Sandals. You can find an exotic python and brown leather version of this Louboutin style.

Scream Queens is a new project from Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy that’s thematically located somewhere in between the two. Scream Queens is essentially a horror movie series. Strangely enough, it’s not even the first one on TV. MTV’s Scream series adaptation beat them to the punch by debuting this summer. Scream Queens will make its debut this fall on FOX.

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